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Stress relief is so important now because of how difficult everything is. Modern times have become so tough, and people are dealing with more stress than ever before. If you’re a Buddhist, then there are actually several things that you can do to relieve stress. 

Clear Your Mind

Clearing your mind is the first important step when you’re trying to relieve stress. When you are  stressed, it’s often going to be the case that your mind is muddled with thoughts. You might be worried about bills, relationship problems, or work struggles. These things can make your mind feel chaotic, but you can feel a lot better by clearing your mind of thoughts.

The best way to do this is thru Breathing Mindfulness Meditation and you can do this in just twenty minutes. Find a calm, quiet place where you can sit down to meditate. Close your eyes, focus on breathing slowly, and try to let your mind rest. After your short meditation session, you’ll feel much better and it’ll be easier to gather your thoughts. 

Eventually you should develop a life practice and aim for 2-3 meditation sessions per day of at least 30 minutes a session. Gotama Buddha meditated 3x per day, once in the morning, midday, and evening as this produced the best results.

Recognize Negative Patterns

Often, people get more stressed due to falling into negative patterns. One might start thinking negatively about things because of how their life has been going and they could even have bad habits. When you can recognize the harmful patterns that are causing you stress, it’s going to be possible to break the cycle. You can stop doing the things that are perpetuating stress in your life while focusing on more positive choices. 

To break these negative habits a practitioner would need to establish mindfulness or awareness of mind to notice them. Everyone should understand how Karma works and what it is. There is new and old karma. There is wholesome and unwholesome karma. In short one should understand that karma is cause and effect or action and result. Essentially everything around us are the results of our own decisions. No one should ever blame others for their own mishaps. All that is, is the mindset of an unEnlightened mind. 

Mindfulness and Healing

Mindfulness is about awareness of mind and living in the now instead of letting your thoughts carry you to the past or future. Instead of letting the stress of external events control you, it’s going to be possible to let go and start feeling better. Healing can be a process that takes time, though, and you don’t have to try to rush it. Be compassionate and give yourself time to feel better.

Stress is tough to cope with for everyone, but you can get better at it. Be kind to yourself and have patience. When you prioritize mindfulness in your life, it becomes easier to not let stressful situations get to you. Stressful times will pass, and you’ll be able to deal with them in healthier ways.


Coach Nick